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James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice Adult Dog 2kg
RRP: £10.97 £9.10


Product Details

James Wellbeloved Lamb and Rice Adult Dog 2kg

Brand Details

Suitable for fully grown, average weight active dogs
James Wellbeloved is a naturally hypoallergenic complete dog food. We use natural ingredients, chosen to be hypoallergenic with no unhealthy additives - no wheat or wheat gluten, no beef or pork,no dairy products or egg, no soya or cheap fillers, no added atrificial colours or flavours, no added artificial preservatives (BHA, BHT or Ethoxyquin), no harmful chemical appetite enhancers. Our ingredients are top quality and we won't compromise. Because we are convinced that eating a better dog food will make your dog healthier and happier. And that's what matters. You may only purchase a maximum of five bags of this product at one time'''

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